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Unbearable Romance Vinyl



KOROUVA -Unbearable Romance (2011) (Khrysanthoney), VINYL, $25.00

Review from Aquarius Records:

"The third album in this series from Korouva is the hushed and haunting, dark and dreamily druggy Unbearable Romance.

"Recorded four full years after that purloined Shipwrecks LP, instead of displaying a more polished production or more full arrangements, Unbearable Romance seems to have gone the opposite way; a super stripped down, bare bones, skeletal songsite of mostly just vocals and piano recorded live, it sounds like. All the sounds are bathed in natural reverb and wreathed in warm swirls of 4-track tape hiss; bedroom balladry that is so gorgeous.

"At times, we're reminded of PJ Harvey, albeit super spare and stripped down, a bit like her White Chalk record. In the other reviews we mention Zola Jesus and Chelsea Wolfe as well and those comparisons are still pretty spot on.

"Fans of any of these women will find much to love here, but the sounds on Unbearable Romance are much more intimate and personal, immediate and organic than the other two records. This sounds like Lehman is performing just for you, the listener, as if you're curled up in front of her piano while she serenades you, her harrowing torch songs ghostly and spectral, mysteriously moody and so so lovely.

"If you bought the other two already, you're gonna want this one too. And if you've yet to check out Korouva, this record will very likely convince you to by all three!"

Packaged in a thick full color jacket, with an eight page lyric booklet and a Khrysanthoney insert.